Step 1:

Are You a Rock’er or Roll’er?

Roll’er Chair

The Roll’er is ideal for going from room-to-room in therapy settings, at school or at home. With upright positioning and our patented deep “V” foam design, the Roll’er keeps users secure and positioned for maximum engagement and participation. The Roll’er comes standard with a supportive wooden base that allows for accessories such as our Feeding/Activity Tray and Push Bar to be added.

Please note, both Rock’er and Roll’er models come standard with our Multi-Purpose Ottoman

Rock’er Chair

The Rock’er features a built in rocking base that provides a soothing back and forth motion. Users have the option to rock away, or “lock the rock” to set the chair in a specific tilted position. Featuring our patented deep “V” design and systematic foam construction, The Rock’er provides the ultimate in support and comfort.

Please note, both Rock’er and Roll’er models come standard with our Multi-Purpose Ottoman

Step 2:

Select Your Chair Size

Important Measurements:

Always take height and weight into consideration when sizing a Chill-Out Chair. Shoulder width is extremely important to measure for people with Aspergers or Autism, as the Chill-Out Chair cocoons and hugs the individual for extra support. We’ll also work with you to determine which size and foam package works best for your individual needs. Call us today to discuss your situation at 1.800.661.9915.

Rock’er or Roll’er Size: Height Range Weight Range Recommended Shoulder Width
Small 40″ – 52″ 30lbs – 80lbs 12″
Medium 50″ – 62″ 55lbs – 120lbs 14″
Narrow Large 60″ – 68″ 70lbs – 155lbs 14″
Large 60″ – 68″ 90lbs – 175lbs 16″
Extra Wide Large 60″ – 68″ 175lbs – 300lbs 21″

Step 3:

Foam Selection:

Essential Foam PackageEssential Foam

The Essential Foam Package is made of one density to offer great comfort and support for those 100lbs or less.

Comes standard with one-year warranty.

Foam BlocksTEC Foam Package

The Therapists/Educator’s  Choice. The TEC Foam provides soft comfort, firm support, and best durability at all weights. The TEC Foam Package features memory foam in areas of high-friction (under the knees and head cradle) to increase comfort and eliminate pressure points.

Comes standard with three-year warranty.

Step 4:

Fabric Selection:

Aloha!/ Sunshine Series (Crypton® and Sunbrella®)

CryptonCrypton® and Sunbrella® fabrics are engineered to provide permanent moisture, stain, odor and microbial protection. The fabrics moisture barrier is integrated into the fabric, ensuring permanent protection and making it extremely easy to clean.

Breeze Series

Breeze, Shore and Sand fabrics were selected based on feel, comfort and style. The Breeze Series is the pushiest of the three and provides users with maximum comfort.

Sand Series

Classic tweed fabric.

Shore Series

Smooth and soft vinyl with a cracked sand pattern. Shore Series fabrics are very easy to clean and wipe down! The perfect addition to any classroom or multi-user setting.

Step 5:

Accessories and Customizations:

Chill-Out Chairs can be customized with accessories for positioning, sensory stimulation, or feeding/play time. Each accessory helps to improve overall chair functionality and supports use in multi-user facilities such as schools, hospitals or clinics. The Roll’er model’s wooden wheelbase accommodates a larger selection of accessories, such as our Feeding/Activity Tray or Powder-Coated Pushbar.

Please visit our full accessories listing to see which accessories are applicable to Rock’er and Roll’ers. And remember, we can always customize your chair around specific measurements, needs or requirements.

Give us the need, we’ll find the concept! 

Build Your Chair!

Roll'er Chair
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