Selecting the Right Product

Selecting the Right Product

Our team wants to ensure your Chill-Out Chair provides you with a comfortable and supportive seating experience. Whether you are looking for a Chill-Out Chair for yourself or making the purchase decision for someone else, considering the following questions will help aid in the buying process and will help to identify the Chill-Out Chair model and accessories that will work best. This information helps our team design, assemble and deliver a Chill-Out Chair that will provide the benefit of reduced transfers throughout the day and a comfortable alternative seating option.

User Information 

  • Has the user ever trialed a Chill-Out Chair? What was the model and size? 
  • How old is the user? 
  • What is the user’s height? 
  • What is the user’s weight? 
  • What is the user’s diagnosis? How does the diagnosis affect them? 
  • Is the user expected to continue growing? 
  • How is the user’s trunk and head control? Would they benefit from additional tilt? 
  • Does the user experience periods of incontinence? 
  • Is the user low, high, or mixed tone?

      Determine the Chill-Out Environment

      • Will the Chill-Out Chair be transported from room-to-room? 
      • Will the Chill-Out Chair be for one user or multiple users? 
      • Is wipeability or machine washing preferred?
      • Is the chair for indoor or outdoor use?
      • Is the chair for use at home, in a school, facility, etc?


      Other Information to Consider 

      Ready to purchase? Have any questions? Contact us today! 

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