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 Rock’er Adaptive Chair

Adaptive chair sizes available to accommodate pediatric and adult users.

Known for its adjustable tilt and calming rocking motion, the Rock’er adaptive chair can improve the alignment of users of all ages and abilities, while redistributing pressure. It features the redesigned, more defined reclined angle that aids in the reduction and easing of kyphosis of the occupant. The Rock’er Chair can be locked into the optimal tilt position with the aid of the ottoman, further customizing the angle of tilt suitable for the user’s needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Features a new supportive headrest that is height adjustable and provides increased occipital and lateral head support.
  • The upper back and headrest portion of the adaptive chair features a more defined reclined angle that aids in reducing and easing the kyphosis of the occupant.
  • All fabrics come standard with Endurepel™, a performance finish that is applied to provide tough anti-stain, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties.
  • A wide variety of wipeable, machine washable fabrics and color options are available to satisfy sensory needs or to compliment home, school or clinic decor.
  • The addition of the Multi-Use Modular Support Wedge can be moved to various regions of the chair to further customize postural support to where the user needs it most.
  • A built-in rocking base that provides a soothing and calming back and forth motion.
  • No hard edges making the Rock’er safe for all users
  • Keep all positioning aids at the ready when not in use with the new Large Accessories Sleeve Pocket.
  • Built with a combination of high-grade foams that provide maximum comfort and support to people of all ages and abilities.
  • Designed to encourage proper positioning while providing a safe seating environment with our supportive sides walls.
  • Use the adaptive chair with a portable lift. For more information on compatibility, inquire with your Territory Manager.
  • The Multi-Purpose Ottoman can help break up tone, provide support and stretching for legs, and can be used as additional caregiver seating.
  • Use the Multi-Purpose Ottoman to lock the Rock’er to the desired angle to help improve respiration, head control or relieve pressure.
  • Multiple foam options to satisfy any environment, whether it’s at home, at school or in a therapy clinic.
  • Multiple accessory options to further customize the adaptive chair to the user’s needs.

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