Seating & Positioning

Alternative Seating Dedicated to Your Comfort, Support and Style

Freedom Concepts’ Chill-Out Chairs alternative seating and Posture2Go Positioning Cushions enhance user positioning and comfort. They reduce transfers throughout the day and offer customization options for Chill-Out Chairs. With a variety of fabric styles and accessories to create a comfortable and supportive seating option for the user. For even more comfort and support, our Posture2Go Positioning Cushions provide targeted positioning care with a variety of cushion shapes.

The Redesigned Chill-Out Chair

The redesigned Chill-Out Chair takes the current model and adjusts the angle of the backrest. Additionally increasing the lumbar support of the chair to situate the user in a more reclined position. This makes the chair an ideal alternative seating option for a multitude of individuals.


The Rock’er model is known for its adjustable tilt and calming rocking motion. And is therefore ideal for people of all ages and abilities. This chair provides an alternative to a wheelchair and has the ability to lock in a fixed tilt position.

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The Roll’er model is ideal alternative seating for people of all ages and abilities. This chair provides an alternative seating system to a wheelchair and the rolling wheelbase can reduce the number of transfers. Perfect for home, school or therapy settings.

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Posture2Go Positioning Cushions provide targeted positioning care. Ideal for users as young as 2 years old to adults who have specific positioning needs. The positioning cushions help ensure users are comfortable and can aid in repositioning at home or on-the-go.

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Chair Accessories

Dedicated to your Comfort, Support and Style. Chill-Out Chair offers a wide variety of chair  accessories to customize each Chill-Out Chair. This ensures the user is optimally positioned and comfortable.

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Custom Chairs

Our team is passionate about finding seating solutions that work for everyone. If our current Chill-Out Chair models and accessories don’t meet your needs, we will be happy to work with you to build a solution that will.

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