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Introducing the Redesigned Chill-Out Chair

Featuring an improved design to maximize postural support without compromising comfort

The redesigned Chill-Out Chair takes the current model and adjusts the angle of the backrest, while also increasing the lumbar support of the chair to situate the user in a more reclined position. This makes the chair an ideal option for a multitude of individuals.

Key features of the new design

Supportive Headrest

The height-adjustable improved headrest provides increased occipital and lateral head support while keeping the neck in line with the spine and opening up airways.

Increased Recline of the Upper Back & Headrest Area

The upper back and headrest portion of the chair features a more defined reclined angle, which can aid in reducing and easing the kyphosis of the occupant.

Fabric Added Features

The redesigned Chill-Out Chair launches with a new lineup of fun multi-textured, bright, and neutral fabric selections. Also features Endurepel ™, a performance finish that provides easy cleaning,  anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties.

Introduction of the Multi-Use Modular Support Wedge

This multi-use wedge can be moved to various regions of the chair to customize postural support to where the user needs it most.

Suggested Uses:

  • Upper Chair Support: Upright positioning for improved sight lines and engagement in activities. Positioning the Multi-Use Modular Support Wedge in this position will bring the chair profile close to the current design for those who still require a more upright position.
  • Mid-Thoracic Support: Reverse the modular support wedge to minimize the lumbar depth, creating a 90° posture chair.
  • Lower Lumbar Support: Increase support in the lower lumbar region of the chair, while reducing the lower back curvature of the chair.
  • Seat-Based Support: Decrease the depth of the lower portion of the chair, while improving postural pelvic support and elevating legs to break up tone.


  • Available in the Rock’er or Roll’er model.
  • Comes in a variety of size options – Small, Medium, Narrow Large, Large, Extra-Wide Large.
  • Use Multi-Purpose Ottoman to lock the Rock’er to the desired angle to help improve respiration, head control or relieve pressure.
  • Built with a combination of high-grade foams that provide maximum comfort and support to people of all ages and abilities.
  • Designed to encourage proper positioning while providing a safe seating environment with our supportive sides walls.
  • Keep all positioning aids at the ready when not in use with the new Large Accessories Sleeve Pocket.
  • The Multi-Purpose Ottoman can help break up tone, provide support and stretching for legs, and can be used as additional caregiver seating.
  • Multiple foam options to satisfy any environment, whether it’s at home, at school or in a therapy clinic.
  • A wide variety of wipeable, machine washable fabrics and color options are available to satisfy sensory needs or to compliment home, school or clinic decor.
  • Multiple accessory options to further customize the chair to the user’s needs.

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