How to Buy

How to Buy

Are you interested in purchasing? We would like to work with you to review your requirements and find the right product to meet your needs. We’ll connect you with the appropriate representative for your region.

To provide you with the best and most timely response, please consider the following information:


User Information

  • Has the user ever trialed a Chill-Out Chair? What was the model and size?

  • How old is the user?

  • What is the user’s height?

  • What is the user’s weight?

  • What is the user’s diagnosis? How does the diagnosis affect them?

  • Is the user expected to continue growing?

  • How is the user’s trunk and head control? Would they benefit from additional tilt?

  • Will the user be able to exit the Chill-Out Chair independently?

  • Will the user be able to reposition themselves as needed?

  • Does the user experience periods of incontinence?

  • Will the user require pressure relief due to pressure sores?

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