Comfort Comes First!

When kids are comfortable, they’re relaxed. Every Chill-Out Chair is built with a combination of high-grade foams to help relax spastic muscles and provide the most comfortable sitting experience possible.

Comfort With No Limits!

Every Chill-Out Chair is built using our patented Deep-V foam design. This special cut in the foam works alongside our built-in pommel to give kids and adults a light cocooning hug that helps the body to relax and remain in place. We love helping people discover the freedom from the confines of a wheelchair or lack of support from a beanbag.

Chill-Out Chairs at School
Roll'er Chair at School

Sanitary in Seconds!

We want you to get the best experience out of your Chill-Out Chair. Part of that is making sure it’s sanitary and easy-to-clean – don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our Crypton™ antibacterial fabrics and Medbloc Liner help protect the foam’s integrity and make cleaning time quick and easy.

Kick Your Feet Up!

Chill-Out Chairs come standard with our Multi-Purpose Ottoman. This isn’t just any ottoman – we’ve designed our Multi-Purpose Ottoman with leg elevation in mind. The relative position of our ottoman helps to isolate movement, increase circulation and reduce edema in the lower extremities.

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