• Regardless of the disability, everyone enjoys being a part of a community.

    Individuals who are immobile and need to lie down for much of the day, often feel cut off from social interaction. One reason is that a bed or other stationary location is the necessary place for lying in supine positions. No matter how well-intentioned this positioning may be, the user is often isolated from the community. The Sitt’er Sleep’er makes it possible for users to be comfortable, mobile and supported. Sitt’er Sleep’ers can be used for rest, relaxation, stabilization, support and also for transport indoors. It provides many options for positioning and height adjustment. These features and effortless adjustability enable the user to participate in more activities, whether lying or sitting.
  • Increase support around an individual with our foam block positioning aids. They can tuck underneath the cover with the chair’s existing foam or can be covered in matching fabric and used on top of the chair for multi-use settings.
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