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  • Taupe Roll'er Chill-Out Chair

    Roll’er Chair

    The Roll’er is ideal for going from room-to-room in therapy settings, at school or at home. With a rolling wheelbase, the Roll'er can help to reduce the number of transfers required throughout the day, helping to increase the users overall comfort. With upright positioning and the same patented deep “V” foam design as all Chill-Out Chairs, the Roll'er keeps users secure and positioned for maximum engagement and participation. The Roll’er comes standard with a supportive wooden base that allows for accessories such as our Feeding/Activity Tray Push Bar to be added.
  • Increase support around an individual with our foam block positioning aids. They can tuck underneath the cover with the chair’s existing foam or can be covered in matching fabric and used on top of the chair for multi-use settings.
  • Our 3-Point Padded Pelvic Positioning Belt is a great accessory for when the Chill-Out Chair’s built-in pommel is inadequate for pelvic stabilization. The three discreet straps blend into the chair’s cover and allow the user to experience the same comfort our chairs are known for. The pelvic support pad is made of premium foam and covered in matching cover fabric – making the chair look less institutional and more like a cozy place to chill in!

    Only Available on New Chair Orders.

  • The Adjustable Occipital Headrest provides targeted support for the neck and head, and can be adjusted on-the-fly to grow along with the person using the chair.

    Please note, the Adjustable Head Support Cushion replaces the fixed foam head support, standard on all Chill-Out Chairs.
  • Feeding and Activity Tray - Chill-Out Chairs Feeding and Activity Tray Accessory

    Feeding and Activity Tray

    Perfect for feeding, play or communication, the Feeding and Activity Tray is the ideal accessory to assist with individual development. Height, angle and side-to-side adjustments are made easy with quick release locks - helping to reduce the time spent adjusting and increase time spent chillin' out. Made of clear plastic, this tray supports all common communication devices, tactile toys and is a therapist or educator's best friend at feeding time. ONLY AVAILABLE ON ROLL'ER CHAIRS.
  • Powder-Coated Pushbar

    Powder-Coated Pushbar

    Our Powder-Coated Pushbar makes moving the Roll'er Chair from room-to-room effortless, resulting in less transfers in-and-out of the chair. The Pushbar's ergonomic design allows for precise steering maneuvers and makes spinning the chair a breeze (great for individuals who respond well to movement). ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE ROLL'ER MODEL
  • Activity Wedge with Headrest Activity Wedge with Headrest
    Encourage an upright position with our NEW Activity Wedge. Comes standard with our Adjustable Occipital Headrest and replaces the standard fixed headrest on all Chill-Out Chairs. Perfect for getting kids and adults in an upright positioning for feeding time!
  • The Removable Abduction Pommel sits between the user's legs to help encourage hip abduction. The pommel is attached to the Chill-Out Chair with strong velcro straps and can be removed as desired.
  • Accessories Sleeve Pocket Accessories Sleeve Pocket

    Store your portable electronics, adaptive communication devices, and video players right with your chair. Always have them at hand!

  • Simulated Lamb's Wool Cover Simulated Lamb's Wool Cover
    Our Simulated Lamb's Wool Cover wicks away moisture and responds to fluctuating body temperature. This soft cover helps to evenly distribute pressure while providing the user with additional comfort. Additionally, the cover can be added to increase tactile stimulation.
  • Ottoman Support Kit Ottoman Support Kit
    Bring your Roll'er Chair's ottoman anywhere you go with our Ottoman Support Kit! This easy-to-install Ottoman Support Kit lets users maintain leg elevation while travelling from room-to-room and protects the ottoman fabric from getting dirty. ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE ROLL'ER MODEL. ONLY AVAILABLE ON NEW CHAIR ORDERS.
  • Transportation Cover - Rock'er
    These heavy-duty and long-lasting covers are perfect for keeping your Chill-Out Chair protected, safe and comfortable as ever! Perfect for moving chairs from one location to another or for storage purposes.
  • Warranty Packages

    We want you to get everything you expect from a new Chill-Out Chair. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to help you protect your investment by providing you with one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranty packages. Available Packages:
    Warranty Package Essential Foam TEC Foam
    Additional One-Year Warranty $100.00 $100.00
    Additional Three-Year Warranty $250.00 $250.00
    Lifetime Warranty N/A $400.00
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