Chill-Out Chairs have always been known for providing a comfortable alternative to the wheelchair, stroller or beanbag – all without the need for straps or restraints. This statement remains true today, however, we’re always working on product improvements based on the feedback we collect from families, therapists and other medical professionals.


“Our new Pelvic Stability Belt is great for kids and adults that require more support than the standard pummel on all Chill-Out Chairs. Our goal is to make life more comfortable for EVERYONE. This addition to Chill-Out Chairs is clearly a big step towards that goal.”

—Ken Vanstraelen

Today, we’re excited to introduce our 3-Point Padded Pelvic Positioning Belt, our newest accessory designed to provide pelvic stabilization and prevent users from exiting the chair. Like everything we build, comfort and safety were at the forefront of the build process. Constructed from thick and long-lasting foam, covered with matching chair fabric, this accessory blends into the chair’s look and is made of soft materials that prevent abrasion and excessive pressure on the body.

This new accessory is a great example of how most of our standard chair features and accessories started out as simple customer requests, then as demand grew, they became regular Chill-Out Chair features.