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Sunshine Series Fabrics

Sunshine Series

We’re excited to unveil the newest addition to Chill-Out Chairs – the Sunshine Series fabrics and accessories.

The new fabrics and accessories were primarily driven by the input from occupational therapists and families with firsthand experience using the chairs.

Dewdrop Roller - Part of Sunshine Series

Dewdrop Roller shown

The Sunshine Series introduces over 25 new fabrics to the Chill-Out Chairs fabric line. All of the fabric selections were intended to improve overall comfort, help users maintain the overall cleanliness of the chair, or to open the door to using our chairs in outdoor environments. The Newport and Hamptons fabrics (part of Sunshine Series) are part of the Sunbrella™ fabric series – a line of fabrics designed to be highly stain resistant or with water repellency in mind. Like all other Chill-Out Chairs fabrics, the Sunshine Series fabrics are extremely durable, easy-to-clean and meet some of the highest American standards for flame resistance.

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Removable All-Terrain Wheel Kit

Removable All-Terrain Wheel Kit shown on Small Shore Roll’er


In addition to the new fabrics, the Sunshine Series also includes our Removable All-Terrain Wheel Kit – the perfect accessory for families wanting to take their small or medium Roll’er chair on outdoor adventures – from camping trips to family time on the patio – we feel that every adventure should be a comfortable one.

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