The wonder chairs for those with disabilities.

Are You a Rock’er or a Roll’er?


Our Chill-Out Chairs are made with a variety of specific foam grades. Our density and firmness configurations offer ultimate targeted pressure relief, comfort, and support. The patented deep “V” foam design on both The Rock’er and The Roll’er provides light pressure, hugs individuals in place, and allows the body to relax, eliminating the need for straps or harnesses.

The Rock’er features a built-in Rock’er base that provides a soothing back and forth motion. Within moments, the occupant can be calmed, helping them focus on the current task at hand. The Roll’er, on the other hand, is extremely popular because of it’s wooden base and four locking castors. The wooden base allows for the Feeding/Activity Tray to be added, making the Roll’er an ideal feeding, play, or learning environment.


Click on the image below to see some of the main benefits of each chair: