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Sarah’s Message from the CP Association of MB

Sarah’s Message from the CP Association of MB

Ready, steady, cycle…Twenty years and three bikes later, I am an avid believer in the products produced by Freedom Concepts. As a parent of a child with CP, a member of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba and the coordinator of CPAM’s Stationary Bike Race, I, like many others, continue to benefit from Freedom Concepts’ generosity and expertise. Thousands of us do. Partnerships like ours make believers of us all.

Take the awarding of a Freedom Concepts Chill-Out Chair to three-year old Jacoby Zebinski from Selkirk, Manitoba. Prior to the gifting, Jacoby could not be left alone without support for more than a few minutes. He needed to be propped up properly and continuously throughout the day. At the annual CPAM Prize Day, held at Great-West Life, FC and CPAM changed all that. Jacoby was awarded an army-brown upholstered custom-made Chill-Out Chair, which provides him with proper support, enabling him to sit alone with ease. His mother is not the only one who’s thrilled.

“What Jacoby likes best of all, however, is his ability to sit and play with his twin sister and friends,” says his mother, Vanessa Zebinsky. “In his Chill-Out Chair, Jacoby joins us for dinner at our level; he watches baseball and participates fully without requiring such constant attention. It’s a relief for the entire family. And no doubt about it, Jacoby enjoys his independence.”

My daughter, now in her fifth year at university, still enjoys racking up the number of times she circles our home Crescent on her Freedom Concepts bike. Increasing fitness and maximizing independence creates a recipe for a more enjoyable future. Freedom Concepts energy assists us all in achieving it.

Thanks guys,
Sarah Yates-Howorth
CPAM Bike Race Coordinator