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Halie’s Roll’er

Halie’s Roll’er

Our twin girls were born at 25 weeks, and as a result of the prematurity Halie now has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.  She is not able to sit, talk, walk, or eat on her own.  We are always trying to come up with other positioning for her so she is not always sitting in her wheelchair, laying on the floor, or sitting in someone’s lap.  Her therapist recommended the Chill-Out Chair they had at their clinic and we had seen it at the Abilities Expo as well.  We received the chair a couple of months ago and it has been such a blessing.  It can be easily moved from one room to the next and her sister can even move it as well!  It is a safe, comfortable alternative so she can sit back and watch on the Ipad with her sister and doesn’t have to be held all the time.  Halie is able to interact/play with her twin sister easier.  So thankful for this chair, it gives her the freedom I know she needs!

Thanks again so much!  Next thing is to save up for the bike for her so she can play outside with her sister.  She loves the adaptive bike she uses at therapy.

Take Care,

Allison Miller