The wonder chairs for those with disabilities.

Brynn’s Rock’er Chill-Out Chair

My daughter is a beautiful 11 year old medically complex little girl, her name is Brynn. Brynn has very complicated medical conditions that affect her muscle tone. She has hypotonia. My husband and I have been looking for a comfortable chair that could meet Brynn’s medical condition, provide a seat to promote a better posture, and would help her engage in functional tasks such as playing – and wasn’t too costly.

When we saw the chair at the Abilities Expo in Boston it was a miracle chair. The chair fit her perfectly.

The Freedom Concepts reps were so kind and thorough. I have been an Occupational Therapist for a long time and by far this chair is perfect for many reasons. Most importantly it will support a variety of muscular skeletal conditions and provide tactile/feedback for those that require that sensation.

To sum it all up, the chair provides the support and comfort for people with varying disabilities in a cost effective manner. Wheelchairs in my opinion are meant for functional mobility not for sitting in all day long.